Super Brite Polyester 40 - 5585 - Soft Berry

Super Brite Polyester 40 - 5585 - Soft Berry

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Gütermann Super Brite Polyester 40 is a robust and hard-wearing machine embroidery thread made of 100% polyester for beautiful and high-quality embroidery motifs. It can be used to refine favourite items, spice up basics or decorate home accessories. Thanks to its trilobal thread structure, it shines particularly intensely and brilliantly, has perfect embroidery properties and ensures excellent stitch formation.

This machine embroidery thread conjures up beautiful motifs that last especially long on heavily stressed textiles such as sports and leisurewear, children's items or work clothing. The intense colours are retained even after washing several times or even chlorine bleaching.

  • Machine embroidery thread made of 100% polyester
  • Brilliant shine thanks to trilobal thread structure
  • For high-quality and beautiful embroidery motifs
  • Excellent stitching, perfect embroidery properties
  • Particularly tear-resistant and hard-wearing

Made by Gütermann